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Welcome to the Urban Oasis - UNO page!

Urban Oasis is a simple and innovative solution to mitigate the urban heat island effect through a self-sustained solar pergola that provides electricity to create water mist.

The BIPV pergola, increases the shade, and reduces the urban heat island effect with the water mist system that cools the environment.

Making it the perfect solution for any urban area affected by the heat island effect and for the wellbeing of its habitants.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Urban Oasis

“Make it simple, but significant” Don Draper

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For the people

Create a pleasant, cool sitting area in the hot spot of the Urban heat island effect

For the city

A solution to an existing problem that can be placed on the street, in city squares or even on the roofs of buildings

For the environment

Reducing the heat with green energy and increasing the shadow areas


Creating an urban oasis, one pergola at a time!

Mitigate the urban heat island effect with Urban Oasis – an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable solar pergola

Contact us and together we will make the world a better place with URBAN OASIS custom made for you

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